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Behring Water resources its SEO strategy with Semji

Behring Water

+300% traffic in one year

"Semji has reinvented itself and adapted to new workflows, including successfully using AI and other innovative features. The platform is user-friendly and powerful, meeting current and future user needs. It truly saves time when writing content: from 4 hours to 2 hours, that's 50% less time.”

Mélanie Clément, Head of Manager

Boticinal takes care of its SEO performance with Semji


+240% organic blog traffic in 6 months

“Semji's expert guidance was highly rewarding. The team's optimization advice gave us a better understanding of how to optimize our website content. We learned how to improve the internal linking between our pages, for example, thanks to their customized recommendations.”

Valentine Du Fayet, E-category manager

IDKIDS boosts its SEO with Semji


+96% year-on-year traffic with 217 content items

"With Atomic Content, writing content that used to take a full day now takes an hour. Semji's AI is really powerful. It was able to fetch information from all over the SERP and use it in content."

Virginie Flament, SEO Content & Netlinking Project Manager

GRDF powers its content strategy with Semji


+85% organic keywords in Google's Top 3

"In just 4 minutes, Atomic Content increased the Content Score of our article to 87/100 without requiring us any effort. Atomic Content greatly inspired us and helped us create content quickly."

Sophie Duport, BtoB Online Editorial Manager

Mister Auto takes its SEO to the next level with Semji

Mister Auto

96,000+ monthly visits in one year

"A copywriter usually needs 3 to 4 hours to write a 2,000-word article. With Atomic Content, we were able to write a first-class article in just 30 minutes!"

Catherine Lermoyer, SEO & Netlinking Project Manager

Point.P builds on its SEO strategy with Semji


+165% in SEO revenues

"Semji saves us time both before and after our content goes online. The tool helped us to write around a hundred pieces of high-value content in three months. We've saved a huge amount of time, which we've used to create more content. "

Charlotte Thizy, Digital Content Manager

Lesfurets achieves SEO success in a highly competitive market thanks to Semji


91% of new content drives SEO traffic

"Semji's automated brief generation empowered our copywriters and speeded up content production. A real time-saver for our SEO experts!"

Marion Plasse, Senior Content Manager

Agicap uses Semji to expand its international SEO strategy


+24% leads

"Semji delivers a number of benefits: it increases our content output, allows us to cross-reference business and SEO data, and simplifies keyword research... I highly value the independence I get when it comes to data analysis. I save about 80% of my time on analyzing and reporting results."

Romain Lenglet, SEO Manager

Villanovo upgrades the results of its SEO strategy with Semji


+55% SEO traffic

"Semji makes it much easier to structure our in-house production. Writers save time improving their content, and get better results from their optimizations."

Cécile Pougeon, Marketing Manager

Deuxième Avis maintains its SEO health with Semji Services

Deuxième Avis

+1260% in SEO traffic since the start of the partnership (5 years)

"We've had a great experience with Mélanie. She always provides us with highly relevant insights that are consistent with what we do, and delivers a clear picture of what needs to be done in our industry. It's a pleasure to work with someone so committed!"

Nicolas Soenen, Chief Technology Officer

Dalma uses Semji to build its SEO content strategy


2x faster content publication

"Semji helps me manage my content strategy and accelerate the writing process. The solution allows me to free myself from tasks with the least value and to invest my efforts more efficiently and redistribute the added value. It's a virtuous circle."

Barbara Bechini, SEO Manager

Amenitiz uses Semji to boost its SEO content strategy


50% time saved on briefs in 5 languages

Amenitiz needs a high-performance solution to meet its growth objectives in its various markets (France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany), by quickly producing quality content.

Ouest France switches to Semji and aims for high performance content

Ouest France

+25% increase in SEO traffic for content made with Semji

Thanks to Semji, I can produce more quality content. The platform saves me 50% of my time searching for information and preparing my articles. I use the information provided by the platform to provide more relevant content to my audience.

Daniel Vercaemst, Founder and copywriter at J’aime Jardiner, Ouest France partner website

Semji helps MACIF to build and deploy a high-performance Content Factory


+89% off-brand SEO Traffic in 12 months

"In SEO, you have to decide which battles to fight and accept that multiple tasks cannot be handled by a single person. AI brings precious help especially in the context of large-scale content strategies."

Pauline Amanda GIRARD, SEO Project Manager

HelloAsso partners with Semji to achieve high-performing content


+260% off-brand traffic for content optimized with Semji

"Semji’s added value is to help us efficiently meet all our editorial challenges! The platform helps us follow best practices to improve our content’s semantics. The quality of Romain’s support makes for smooth, constructive discussions."

Claudia FRAGOMENI, Content & SEO Manager

Semji helps Qilibri to rebalance the share of SEO in its web acquisition strategy


+3400% of SEO traffic

"In just three months, the support and platform have allowed us to set an SEO powerhouse, with results already visible and an acquisition capacity in the making."

Antoine Chabassol, Co-founder of Qilibri

Semji helps Online Stores to restore and increase its SEO turnover

Online Stores

+35% Increase in SEO revenue

If you want to rank #1 on Google this is the BEST and GREATEST VALUE platform for improving your content and optimizing it for SEO

Heather Marra, Manager of SEO & Senior Digital Analyst

Uni-media journalists sharpen their pens with Semji to conquer Google


+98k clicks (

"I needed an internal solution for journalists to quickly become more autonomous in SEO. Semji Platform doesn’t replace their expertise, it makes it visible and valuable in the eyes of online users and Google."

Hamidou Diallo, SEO Manager

Cambium Media brings fresh content to the SERP with Semji!

Cambium Media

+535% increase in SEO traffic for optimized content

Semji allows us to compare ourselves to other media and shows us where we can make improvements and meet the expectations of our audience.

Amandine CARAYON, Digital Content Manager

Adepem uses Semji to improve their content’s SEO performance!


+230% increase in SEO traffic for optimized content

"I simply don't have to do briefs anymore. The platform provides great insights on SEO. I save about 2 to 3 days of work each month!"

Quentin Braquehaye, Digital Manager

Groupama Gan Vie ensures optimized content with Semji

Groupama Gan Vie

+300% SEO traffic in 12 months

"Semji has enabled us to empower our copywriters while improving quality and SEO relevance. With the same team size, we have doubled our content production and achieved +300% traffic growth in 12 months."

Murielle COINE, Head of Digital Marketing

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