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Ouest France switches to Semji and aims for high performance content

Ouest France

+25% increase in SEO traffic for content made with Semji

Thanks to Semji, I can produce more quality content. The platform saves me 50% of my time searching for information and preparing my articles. I use the information provided by the platform to provide more relevant content to my audience.

Daniel Vercaemst, Founder and copywriter at J’aime Jardiner, Ouest France partner website

Semji helps MACIF to build and deploy a high-performance Content Factory


+89% off-brand SEO Traffic in 12 months

"In SEO, you have to decide which battles to fight and accept that multiple tasks cannot be handled by a single person. AI brings precious help especially in the context of large-scale content strategies."

Pauline Amanda GIRARD, SEO Project Manager

Semji helps Qilibri to rebalance the share of SEO in its web acquisition strategy


+3400% of SEO traffic

"In just three months, the support and platform have allowed us to set an SEO powerhouse, with results already visible and an acquisition capacity in the making."

Antoine Chabassol, Co-founder of Qilibri

Semji helps Online Stores to restore and increase its SEO turnover

Online Stores

+35% Increase in SEO revenue

If you want to rank #1 on Google this is the BEST and GREATEST VALUE platform for improving your content and optimizing it for SEO

Heather Marra, Manager of SEO & Senior Digital Analyst

Uni-media journalists sharpen their pens with Semji to conquer Google


+98k de clics (

"I needed an internal solution for journalists to quickly become more autonomous in SEO. Semji Platform doesn’t replace their expertise, it makes it visible and valuable in the eyes of online users and Google."

Hamidou Diallo, SEO Manager

Decathlon boosts its content SEO with Semji!


+140% SEO traffic on optimized content

Semji saves a lot of time, both in the organisation of editorial planning and in the production of content. Very quickly, our writers have written effective web content!

Mathilde Briffa, SEO Manager

Cambium Media brings fresh content to the SERP with Semji!

Cambium Media

+535% increase in SEO traffic for optimized content

Semji allows us to compare ourselves to other media and shows us where we can make improvements and meet the expectations of our audience.

Amandine CARAYON, Digital Content Manager

Adepem uses Semji to improve their content’s SEO performance!


+230% increase in SEO traffic for optimized content

"I simply don't have to do briefs anymore. The platform provides great insights on SEO. I save about 2 to 3 days of work each month!"

Quentin Braquehaye, Digital Manager

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