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Agicap uses Semji to expand its international SEO strategy




international SEO traffic


time saved on SEO brief preparation

Agicap is a French startup founded in 2016. With over 6,000 customers, it has quickly made a name for itself as a major player in cash management. Agicap has developed an innovative SaaS software providing a modern alternative to conventional Excel-based cash management. It enables companies to simplify and optimize their financial management in an efficient and intuitive way.




Romain Lenglet, SEO Manager


Cash management solutions

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The challenge

Agicap’s biggest challenge is to simplify and speed up content creation. The aim is to gather all their content into a single tool, enabling better organization and standardization of SEO methods across all target markets: Germany, Italy, the UK and France. By streamlining the content creation process, Agicap aims to optimize the effectiveness of its content strategy, while ensuring overall consistency and high quality across different international markets.

The goal

  • Increase the amount of optimized content
  • Prioritize content for optimization
  • Simplify keyword research
  • Streamline results analysis and reporting

Our actions

SEO recommendations

Identifying SEO wins

Identifying content with high SEO potential

Prioritizing optimizations

Identifying topics, issues and topics to cover

Content performance monitoring

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+24% leads in 7 months

Agicap prioritized optimizations, focusing on actions that had the greatest impact on lead generation. By matching business data with traffic data, Agicap has identified the most effective traffic sources and conversion strategies. Thanks to this strategic approach, Agicap achieved a remarkable 24% increase in lead generation.

+80% international SEO traffic in 7 months

Agicap implemented a keyword expansion strategy in other countries, which opened up new growth opportunities. By focusing on specific markets such as Germany, Italy, the UK and France, Agicap’s teams have been able to extend their reach and attract a wider audience. The Content Ideas module allows Agicap to focus on identifying relevant and strategic keywords where they can stand out from their competitors. Agicap achieved an impressive 80% increase in international SEO traffic.

50% time saved on writing briefs

Semji includes a brief automation feature for each targeted keyword. This automation enables teams to retrieve all the information they need in a few seconds, to create high-performance content. The implementation of SEO editorial planning within Semji has greatly improved how content production is structured. Thanks to the integrated planning feature, project management is streamlined, making content optimization and task assignment a breeze.

Semji delivers a number of benefits: it increases our content output, allows us to cross-reference business and SEO data, and simplifies keyword research… I highly value the independence I get when it comes to data analysis. I save about 80% of my time on analyzing and reporting results.

Romain Lenglet
SEO Manager

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