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Deuxième Avis maintains its SEO health with Semji Services


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SEO traffic since start of partnership

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Deuxième Avis enables patients with complex health problems to quickly get a second medical opinion from specialist doctors. With a network of 300 referral doctors and covering over 700 conditions, they have already cared for 28 million patients, providing medical advice in less than 7 days. Their commitment as a mission-driven company highlights their dedication to patients and the trust invested in them.


Deuxième Avis


Nicolas Soenen, Chief Technology Officer
Victor Flahaut,
Growth Marketing Manager



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The challenge

Given the sensitive subjects covered by Deuxième Avis, with a direct impact on the health of users, Google is all the more watchful when it comes to the quality of the content published on the website (particularly the EEAT criteria). Therefore, it is essential for Deuxième Avis to comply with best practices in terms of SEO and content. The company was keen to enlist the help of experts to work out a high-performance SEO Content strategy. After calling on Semji to help them redesign their website in 2019, the partnership continues today to help them achieve greater visibility on more competitive keywords.


The goal

  • Implement best EEAT practices (Expertise, Experience, Authority, Trust)
  • Increase website visibility through editorial strategy
  • Increase website reputation
  • Become a leading website in the medical field
  • Rank the website on strategic keywords
  • Maintain top technical and indexing performance

Our actions

Creation of 10 semantic topic clusters

Building a high-performance semantic universe


Showcasing the expertise of Deuxième Avis


Strengthen the website’s EEAT profile

Technical audit


Creation and optimization of 700+ contents

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Creation of 10 topic clusters

Semji Services delivered a dozen topic clusters to Deuxième Avis. The aim was to increase traffic on disease-specific topics. Deuxième Avis and Semji identified the most popular topics and determined their growth potential. For each topic cluster, Semji’s SEO experts provided the parent pages, child pages and keywords to Deuxième Avis’ editorial teams. These clusters have enabled Deuxième Avis to improve their semantic relevance and increase their visibility.

+1260% in SEO traffic since the start of the partnership (5 years)

Over 700 pieces of content have been written and optimized using Semji’s topic clusters. These are evaluated by the Content Score, a metric that ensures SEO quality. This rating is based on the app’s recommendations, enabling us to accurately assess the optimization and relevance of our content. These improvements also come from other actions carried out with Semji, such as the recommendations made by SEO experts during technical audits to improve the website’s on-page performance.

We’ve had a great experience with Mélanie. She always provides us with highly relevant insights that are consistent with what we do, and delivers a clear picture of what needs to be done in our industry. It’s a pleasure to work with someone so committed!

Nicolas Soenen
Chief Technology Officer

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