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Lesfurets achieves SEO success in a highly competitive market thanks to Semji


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of new content drives
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Lesfurets, founded in 2012, is an online comparison service that lets you compare the rates, cover, deductibles and services of the major insurers (consumer credit, mortgages, banks, credit repurchase, energy… ). Comparing insurance contracts can be a complex task, given the different aspects to take into account. Lesfurets’ mission is to make this comparison easier by offering advice and bringing transparency and simplicity to the insurance industry.




Anthony Privé, Head of SEO
Marion Plasse, Senior Content Manager


Insurance, finance and energy comparison service

Position yourself in a highly competitive market
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The challenge

In an increasingly competitive market, Lesfurets has to stand up to long-standing competitors such as other comparison services and specific brands from insurers or energy suppliers, as well as the growth of insurtechs. To keep up with the latest trends, Lesfurets chose Semji to boost its content production output across a wide range of products: car insurance, energy, health insurance, consumer credit, etc., while maintaining flawless content quality to showcase its business expertise. The team has to manage more than 6,000 pages, with a Content Manager, an SEO Director, 4 copywriters and 4 SEO experts.

The goal

  • Increase SEO traffic to the website
  • Produce a large number of perfectly SEO-optimized contents
  • Position content against stiff competition
  • Secure ranking in a growing market
  • Monitor content results

Our actions

Identifying topics, issues and subjects to be addressed


Prioritization content optimizations with high SEO potential

Automation of SEO brief production

Creating and optimizing +1K SEO content

Monthly monitoring of content performance

Coaching teams on how to use Semji

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91% of new content drives SEO traffic

The expansion of’s business into new markets, such as energy, represents significant growth potential for the company. However, to succeed in this market, it’s essential to build authority and become an industry expert. This requires an effective content strategy that targets user queries and responds to their needs, such as the creation of guides. By using Semji, the Lesfurets teams were able to detect market demands and the new keywords to target and create relevant content. Today, 91% of new content generates SEO traffic.

+1K optimized content with Semji

The Lesfurets team was able to identify new content topics to create to answer their audience’s questions on consumer credit, mortgages, banks, credit repurchase, energy… As an example, the “electric car insurance” content, an existing piece of content, was optimized with Semji. By following Semji’s recommendations: including essential keywords and search intentions, but also guidelines on internal linking and an overview of competing content, they managed to boost the article’s ranking. By prioritizing their content production accordingly, over 1K pieces of content were created or optimized to generate SEO traffic.

Semji’s automated brief generation empowered our copywriters and speeded up content production. A real time-saver for our SEO experts!

Marion Plasse
Senior Content Manager

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