Check your AI-generated content’s reliability in seconds.

Provide your audience with effortless, reliable AI-sourced content. AI Fact Checking checks your content for inaccuracies, corrects facts, and quotes reliable sources in seconds, eliminating all hallucinations.

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Eliminate hallucinations from your content in one click.

Increase your AI-generated content’s trustworthiness and stay ahead of competitors. AI Fact Checking provides the best possible reputation protection by slashing hallucination risks.

Adélaïde Vo Thanh

Editorial Project Manager Semji

AI fact-checking enables precise verification of content generated by the AI without any loss of productivity.

The colour code identifies the least reliable content as a priority. Access to sources enables the reliability of information to be verified.

Proof-reading becomes faster and more targeted, making it a valuable tool for saving time and energy while ensuring the accuracy of information.

Provide your audience with fully reliable AI content.

Safeguard both your expert status and your brand’s trustworthiness. AI Fact Checking reinforces the quality of your AI-generated content, instantly quoting reliable sources to reassure your readers.

Increase your editorial productivity while keeping quality at the forefront.

Check AI content at a glance, thanks to an intuitive color-coded system. AI Fact Checking instantly analyzes and compares your texts with authorized third-party sources to detect incorrect or misleading data.

How does AI+ Fact checking work ?
  • Checking content verified by AI on expert and topical subjects
  • Source content written by the AI
  • Nuance content generated by AI
  • Reread content produced by production teams

What are the benefits of d’AI+ Fact checking ?
  • Transparent, automated source verification process
  • Complete control over AI generated content thanks to an intuitive interface synchronised with Atomic Content
  • Many possibilities : correct, verify, qualify statements of the AI
  • Time savings and internal reassurance

It only takes one click to speed up the performance of your content