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+535% increase in SEO traffic for optimized content

Semji allows us to compare ourselves to other media and shows us where we can make improvements and meet the expectations of our audience.

Amandine CARAYON
Digital Content Manager

Logo_Decathlon_RVB succès clients

+230% increase in SEO traffic for optimized content

I simply don't have to do briefs anymore. The platform provides great insights on SEO. I save about 2 to 3 days of work each month!

Quentin Braquehaye
Digital Manager


+89% Off-brand SEO Traffic in 12 months

In SEO, you have to decide which battles to fight and accept that multiple tasks cannot be handled by a single person. AI brings precious help especially in the context of large-scale content strategies.

Pauline Amanda GIRARD
SEO Project Manager

+3400% of SEO Traffic

In just three months, the support and platform have allowed us to set an SEO powerhouse, with results already visible and an acquisition capacity in the making.

Antoine Chabassol
Co-fondateur de Qilibri

Logo Qilibri

I needed an internal solution for journalists to quickly become more autonomous in SEO. Semji Platform doesn’t replace their expertise, it makes it visible and valuable in the eyes of online users and Google.

Hamidou Diallo
SEO Manager


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