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Villanovo upgrades the results of its SEO strategy with Semji


SEO traffic


 of optimized content attracts SEO traffic


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Villanovo, the specialist in tailor-made private villa holidays, is dedicated to providing its customers with luxury vacations with full comfort.
The website’s catalog features over 2,500 hand-picked villas worldwide. To offer travelers the best possible experience, the website is committed to providing top-quality service and amenities (personalized support from booking onwards, housekeepers, heated swimming pool, etc.). Committed to the environment, Villanovo has also entered into an eco-friendly partnership with “”A Tree for You“”.”




Cécile Pougeon, Marketing Manager



Increase visibility on “destination” transactional queries
Rebalance the share of organic traffic over paid traffic
Generate more conversions

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The challenge

Villanovo wants to position itself on “”destination”” queries against already well-established SEO players. To succeed and stand out from the crowd, the brand needs to emphasize its expertise and experience (“”how to”” and advice articles, good deals listings, topic-based guides, etc.), work on the freshness of its content and meet Google’s E.E.A.T. criteria.
With several markets to address, another challenge was to roll out its SEO strategy internationally. The company chose Semji to achieve these goals and save time in producing content for the and websites.

The goal

  • Increase the share of organic traffic compared to SEA
  • Improve positions and results on “destination” transactional queries
  • Improve efficiency throughout the SEO content production chain
  • Empower copywriters to create high-performance content
  • Centralize performance monitoring data

Our actions

Prioritizing 186 SEO contents for optimization

Content planning

Automated production of SEO briefs

Content optimization

Performance tracking & earnings analysis

Team support on how to use Semji

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+55% SEO traffic on existing content (

In order to rapidly increase SEO traffic, the Villanovo team decided to focus firstly on optimizing existing content. Thanks to Semji’s prioritization rating, they were able to quickly identify the pages that needed the most work. The automation of editorial briefs and SEO recommendations, meanwhile, helped accelerate production velocity and optimize, on average, 15 pieces of content per month. All these efforts have been rewarded with an increase in SEO traffic of +55% in one year.

85% of optimized content attracts SEO traffic ( /

The daily use of Semji for production ensures the creation of high-performance SEO content, while at the same time helping our copywriters to improve their skills. Automated SEO briefs provide them with all the information they need, enabling them to quickly build the framework of their articles. Writers can then fully dedicate their expertise to creating original, high-quality content. Today, 245 pieces of content have been optimized by Villanovo’s copywriters, 85% of which attract SEO traffic thanks to the team’s dedication to maximizing Content Score.

Semji makes it much easier to structure our in-house production. Writers save time improving their content, and get better results from their optimizations.

Cécile Pougeon
Marketing Manager

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