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Benefit from the most advanced AI technologies to multiply your traffic, increase your revenue, and boost your productivity.

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Multiply your SEO results with Semji’s Content Score. Simplify your content optimizations by accessing recommendations directly from your open-sourceCMS or custom solution. Collaborate efficiently by sharing your suggestions without juggling between different tools or platforms.


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Save time across the entire production chain. From preparing briefs to writing, you benefit from all Semji’s technology to be 6x faster!

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Discover in moments how to build a better content strategy than your competitors’ sites. Semji provides all the improvements you need to surpass them.

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Tools to boost your performance, in less time

Content Score

The Content Score makes optimization work simple and enjoyable. Reaching the maximum score ensures the publication of content with optimum SEO gains.

AI Writing, Brief GPT-3 & AI Chat

Say goodbye to writer’s block! Semji relies on AI technologies to save you time in preparing and writing your content.

 Chrome Plugin

Save up to 10 hours a month on SEO content production with the Semji Chrome Plugin and eliminate time-consuming content integration tasks!

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