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GRDF is a major energy leader, ensuring gas distribution throughout France. The company is banking on its content strategy—specifically targeting B2B—to raise user awareness on gas energy, carbon-free energy, and green gas. The challenge: remaining neutral throughout its editorial content since the gas industry is very important (and regulated) in France.




Sophie Duport, Online BtoB Editorial Manager
Lou-Ann Souhy, Editorial Project Manager



The challenge

GRDF has identified two main priorities for efficient communication. The first is to meet the needs of a diverse target audience (from consumers to professionals). The second is to simplify the overall user experience by reorganizing the website. Therefore, the team chose to target strategic queries for SEO purposes, and to create a topic cluster to make it easier to access information. All of which, while introducing the use of AI into the process.

AI challenges

GRDF sees artificial intelligence as an editorial support tool in its editorial process. To overcome blank page syndrome and provide the most comprehensive content possible right from the first draft, along with the highest level of quality, the team tested the performance of Atomic Content ✧, Semji’s premium editorial AI solution.


  • Speed up content review and analysis with accurate, straightforward SEO reports
  • Optimize traffic and ranking in a competitive market
  • Include AI in the editorial strategy

Our actions


A better understanding of SEO assets thanks to Content Score

Optimizing existing content and topic clusters

Tracking SEO performance

Training teams to leverage Semji

Atomic Content at GRDF

GRDF relied on the speed and precision of AI to help create a topic cluster ( over 20 pages) around the keyword “green gas” and optimize its SEO ranking for this query. In just 4 minutes,  Atomic Content generated SEO-optimized content with a Content Score of 87/100.

The result: more time available for more valuable editorial tasks. The team was freed up to focus on proofreading, showcasing expertise, analyzing results, and fine-tuning the cluster’s structure and semantics.


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+85% organic keywords in Google’s Top 3

In only six months, GRDF has made an impressive climb up SERP rankings. By combining the editorial team’s expertise with the power of AI+ Content, the company’s content has soared in search engine results. Between January and July 2023, the number of organic keywords in the Top 3 almost doubled, from 925 to 1,708.

In just 4 minutes, Atomic Content increased the Content Score of our article to 87/100 without requiring us any effort. Atomic Content greatly inspired us and helped us create content quickly.

Sophie Duport
BtoB Online Editorial Manager

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