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Effectively plan your editorial schedule

Simplify your production processes and increase the efficiency of your editorial team.

Accelerate your optimization pace

Easily assign writing tasks and track the progress of actions in real-time. Your teams gain speed and productivity!

Facilitate collaboration within your teams

Streamline your entire production workflow and benefit from an efficient working framework to manage internal and exeternal teams across multiple sites and languages.

Master the SEO quality of your content

Ensure the publication of 100% optimized content thanks to the Content Score and quickly (but surely) achieve SEO results.

Just one click away from accelerating the performance of your content

Tools to boost your performance, in less time

Content Score

The Content Score measures the SEO quality of your content in real-time. Achieving the maximum score guarantees the publication of content with optimal gains.


Designed to adapt to all teams sizes, the Semji platform makes daily management and tracking of your production easier.

Multilingual Content Management

Available in 13 languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Finnish, Lithuanian, Norwegian and Swedish), Semji allows you to optimize your content for each of your audiences in over a hundred different countries.

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