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Since its launch in 2007, Mister Auto has established itself as the French leader in online sales of vehicle parts and accessories, including electric bicycles. Its website is available in Europe and over 19 other countries, enabling Mister Auto to cater to two target groups every day: private customers (BtoC) and businesses (BtoB).


Mister Auto


Catherine Lermoyer, SEO & Netlinking Project Manager



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The challenge

With over 1,200 generic pages covering its different product ranges, Mister Auto faced a major challenge: ranking on highly competitive keywords. Driven by its ambition to become the #1 reference on queries related to its flagship products, the group implemented Semji’s solution. Thanks to semantic recommendations and support in restructuring the mesh, Semji helps Mister Auto implement tangible actions to improve its SEO strategy.

Artificial Intelligence expectations

At Mister Auto, AI is seen as a strategic asset to differentiate itself from competitors, and to optimize the density, quality, and value of its content. To this end, Mister Auto tested the performance of our premium editorial AI solution, Atomic Content: Atomic Content ✧.


  • Support in implementing a high-performance SEO strategy
  • Boost content creation by integrating AI into the editorial process
  • Structure different types of pages using an editorial workflow system

Our actions

Support in creating 400+ new pieces of content

SEO optimization of 800+ pieces of content


Identifying content to improve using Content Score


Improved internal linking by identifying topic clusters

Monthly monitoring of content performance

Training teams to use Semji’s content management platform

Atomic Content at Mister Auto

To work on its long-tail keywords, feed its blog and optimize its categories, Mister Auto turned to Atomic Content ✧.. Powered by Semji, this premium editorial AI generates SEO-optimized content at the click of a button. Its strengths: relevance, quality, rich vocabulary and extensive use of the semantic field.

This is demonstrated by this sample AI content generated for the query: “What’s the best solution between chains and tire snow socks?”

In just a few minutes, and without any editorial effort, the generated content achieves a Content Score of 82/100. This indicates optimized, relevant and engaging content, which has a fair chance of performing well on the SERP.

Want to expand your SEO strategy and outperform your competitors?


30 minutes  to write content with Atomic Content

For most copywriters, writing a 2,000-word piece of content is a process that takes at least 4 hours. With Atomic Content , Mister Auto produced fresh, relevant, 100% SEO-optimized content in just 30 minutes, including preparation and validation.

96,000+ monthly visits in one year

Thanks to the content optimization and internal linking efforts implemented by Mister Auto, the group succeeded in significantly increasing its monthly SEO traffic in just one year. By carefully following Semji’s SEO recommendations, Mister Auto was able to prove its leadership by achieving 318,000 monthly visits to its website, up 96,000 on the previous year.

+92% SEO traffic captured by new content

By integrating Semji into its editorial workflow, Mister Auto has greatly optimized its content production. In just one year, over 800 existing contents were optimized and 417 new contents were created, with the aim of improving topic clusters and internal linking. Now, the interconnected content structure delivers a richer experience for online users.

A copywriter usually needs 3 to 4 hours to write a 2,000-word article. With Atomic Content, we were able to write a first-class article in just 30 minutes!

Catherine Lermoyer
SEO & Netlinking Project Manager

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