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Point.P builds on its SEO strategy with Semji


SEO revenue


SEO traffic
on “decoration” topic


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Point.P belongs to Saint-Gobain, France’s leading building materials distribution network with over 11,500 employees. The brand sells products and solutions to construction professionals across France. The company aims to improve its customers’ omnichannel experience, and was awarded the LSA Commerce & Consommation Award in the “Omnichannel Strategy” category in 2022.




Charlotte Thizy, Digital Content Manager



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The challenge

Point.P aims to deliver the best possible omnichannel experience for all its customers, by making the buyer the focus of its efforts to better meet their expectations. To this end, the company’s content strategy aims to perfectly meet customers’ new desires by offering them tailored solutions. This is why Point.P uses Semji to explore opportunities related to the decoration topic and find new growth outlets.

The goal

  • Make content part of the omnichannel strategy
  • Provide content adapted to new customer needs
  • Showcase expertise
  • Increase traffic
  • Increase efficiency
  • Measure performance

Our actions

Identifying content with high SEO potential


Prioritizing content optimization for high SEO potential

Optimizing content for SEO


Targeting new topics and keywords

Monthly monitoring of content performance

SEO & editorial advice

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+165% in SEO revenues

By focusing on the omnichannel customer experience and improving their writers’ skills, the brand has achieved a 165% increase in SEO revenue. This has enabled a more ROI-oriented approach to measuring their content strategy’s performance. Thanks to Semji Reports, Point P’s teams can measure the impact of their SEO optimizations and demonstrate the effectiveness of their content strategy.

+30% SEO traffic on the “decoration” topic

With the help of Semji, Point.P has stepped up its content production to strengthen its authority in the decoration market. The company identified and optimized 65 content pages to meet the needs of its customers, and achieved excellent results: in one year, these pages generated over 30% of the company’s total SEO traffic. Optimizing this content has enabled Point.P to perform well on strategic queries, as shown by the query “slab on block”, where content created from scratch reached second position and generated 28k clicks.

78% of content captures SEO traffic

Semji enables Point P’s teams to identify SEO opportunities on their existing content and follow the guidelines provided by the platform for each piece of content according to the targeted keyword. This optimization means that Point P’s SEO content achieves the best possible Content Scores, and 80% of it generates SEO traffic.

Semji saves us time both before and after our content goes online. The tool helped us to write around a hundred pieces of high-value content in three months. We’ve saved a huge amount of time, which we’ve used to create more content.

Charlotte Thizy
Digital Content Manager

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