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IDKIDS boosts its SEO with Semji

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IDKIDS is a company specializing in child-related products, committed to the well-being of children. For 20 years, the company has been helping parents and families to dress and care for their little ones. It offers several clothing, game and toy brands, available in stores and online.




Virginie Flament, SEO Content & Netlinking Project Manager



The challenge

With a range of 9 brands under the same banner, IDKIDS aims to become the benchmark for parents of children aged 0 to 2. The key to achieving this is to increase visibility on search engines. As such, IDKIDS has set up a strong editorial strategy to optimize its content production – and track its impact.

Artificial Intelligence expectations

Atomic Content ✧ is a premium copywriting AI that generates optimized content in one click. But using it can raise questions when you’re used to relying on a fully hand-crafted editorial approach, as was the case for several years at IDKIDS. During the implementation process of Semji’s AI in its editorial workflow, the team went from “why” to “how”:

How can we go faster while maintaining high-quality content production?
How to prevent duplicate content?
How to maintain the brand’s tone of voice between childlike playfulness and parent-focused relevance?



  • Speed up content production (20 per month) to boost the company’s SEO strategy
  • Integrate AI seamlessly into the editorial approach
  • Save time on competitor analysis

Our actions

Training teams on how to use Semji


Competitor and SERP content analysis

Monthly monitoring of content performance

Team coaching on the platform

Atomic Content at IDKIDS


The IDKIDS website is the root of the different brands promoted by the group. To boost the effectiveness of its SEO strategy, the team focused on creating a relevant, high-performance category structure.

As for AI, Atomic Content was a great help in the semantic optimization of the website’s pages. The team also used it to quickly write content and add its product expertise. As a result, IDKIDS has featured specific and precise information, achieving a Content Score of 90/100 for the keyword “draisienne pour enfant”, for example.

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1,300 words written in 1 hour VS 1 day

By focusing on the essentials for effective, relevant copywriting, the IDKIDS team now needs just one hour to write 1,300 words. Before Atomic Content ✧ was introduced into the process, this task required a full day’s work, enabling them to better focus on competitor analysis.

+96% year-on-year traffic with 217 content items

IDKIDS has taken advantage of this production speed to increase the number of content pieces produced. In one year, the team wrote and reworked 217 pieces of SEO-optimized content, which helped boost traffic from 136,000 to 261,000 clicks.

+68% conversion rate

A wealth of information and greater visibility mean a higher conversion rate. With the help of Semji’s SEO recommendations, IDKIDS recorded a +68% increase in its conversion rate by accelerating its content strategy and focusing on high-value-added information.

With Atomic Content, writing content that used to take a full day now takes an hour. Semji’s AI is really powerful. It was able to fetch information from all over the SERP and use it in content.

Virginie Flament
SEO Content & Netlinking Project Manager

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