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Measure the ROI of your content easily

Accurately track the impact of your production on your traffic acquisition, conversions, and revenue.

Keep your performance in sight

Measure the real impact of each content action on your traffic and lead acquisition strategy. Now, you can closely examine the efficiency and profitability of your actions.

Visualize all your KPIs in one place

Centralize all your SEO data and key KPIs in one place with Semji’s dashboards and integrated connectors.

Easily prove the effectiveness of your strategy

Quickly show the effectiveness of your actions with Semji’s SEO reports. Your analyses now go straight to the point ot support and facilitate your decision-making.

Your one click away from taking your content performance to the next level

Tools to boost your performance, in less time


The integrated reports in Semji allow you to easily track the most relevant KPIs for your business (revenue, conversions, transactions ,clicks, etc.)

Content Score

The Content Score measures the SEO quality of your content in real time. Achieving the maximum score ensures the publication of content with optimal gains.

Just one click away from accelerating the performance of your content