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Boticinal takes care of its SEO performance with Semji


organic blog traffic in 6 months


organic traffic in 2.5 years

With over 10,000 products, Boticinal (formerly Powersanté) is one of the leading players in family healthcare products. The Paris-based group has a network of over 220 pharmacies in France. Boticinal also sells its health, beauty and well-being products – and its partners – on its online store.




Claire Blandin, Head of E-Commerce
Valentine Du Fayet, E-category manager


Health (Healthcare products)

The challenge

In June 2022, Boticinal made a strategic move by dropping its historic domain name, Powersanté. The challenge: prevent the negative impact of this change on the website’s SEO performance. The strategy implemented: supporting the technical and editorial teams to ensure that Semji’s recommendations were duly implemented and deployed before the big move.


  • Ensuring successful rebranding and domain name changeover
  • Training teams on SEO best practices and ensuring their long-term commitment
  • Increasing visibility, and therefore sales, achieved through organic strategies

Our actions

Comprehensive audits

Regular follow-ups and support

Editorial planning and netlinking campaign.

Implementation of AI+ Content and Atomic Content to write content

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x5,4 organic traffic in 2.5 years

By implementing Semji’s SEO recommendations and switching to its new domain name, Boticinal maintained its website’s organic traffic. Between July 2021 and November 2023, the number of visits increased more than fivefold.

+240% organic blog traffic in 6 months

Boticinal’s SEO efforts, combined with the use of Atomic Content , have also paid off on the brand’s blog. Thanks to a sophisticated content production strategy and support, organic traffic on the blog has soared: +240% on clicks in just six months.

Semji’s expert guidance was highly rewarding. The team’s optimization advice gave us a better understanding of how to optimize our website content. We learned how to improve the internal linking between our pages, for example, thanks to their customized recommendations.

Valentine Du Fayet
E-category Manager

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