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Uni-Médias is a newspaper and website publisher around two universes: “Family/Health” and “Art of Living”. While each magazine has its own editorial team, the SEO strategy is thought out at the group level. Uni-Médias called on Semji to optimize the visibility of its journalists’ expertise and strengthen the authority of its news sites with Google.




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The challenge

Uni-Médias faces two major challenges: very strong competition in the news industry, and visibility for its hot content that requires rapid publication with reliable information.

The Objectives

  • Overcome competing news sites and gain SEO traffic share, especially on cold content
  • Enhance the expertise of journalists on the web
  • Reinforce the authority and reliability (EAT criteria) of published content
  • Raise awareness of SEO best practices among editors

The actions we led

Competitive audit


Identification of the right keywords to target and topics to address

Prioritization of high SEO content optimization

Internal linking strategy

Monitoring of content performance

SEO training

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+794k clicks thanks to the content created (parents.fr)

For each new query, Semji’s briefs help journalists understand what their readers are looking for, as well as what issues and topics are being covered by competing content. Semji helps journalists optimize their research so they can focus on writing. With their expertise, they create content that is more relevant than other news sources, and with 125 new pieces of content, generate over 794k clicks!

+98k clics thanks to the content created (santemagazine.fr)

With Semji’s help, the journalists were able to tackle new topics, creating 112 new pieces of content on santemagazine.fr. In just 4 months of production, they managed to generate over 98k clicks. Some of these new contents are in the TOP 3, such as the article “What is a poultice for? The writer uses Semji to discover the topics expected by his audience (“flax poultice”, “cabbage leaf poultice”…) and uses his expertise to make a difference. In a few months and with only one content, he captures +7k visitors!

+18% position more clicks on optimized contents (détentejardin.com)

With 64 updated and optimized contents, the website detentejardin.com has seen its click rate increase by 18% over 2021. What is interesting to analyze here is that the trend of the curve is almost similar to the one of the previous year. The peak of March/April 2020 due to the first period of lockdown, is observed again in 2021. This shows that the optimization of the contents realized with Semji has reinforced the attachment of the Internet users to the media.

Semji’s added value is to combine the platform with SEO/Content Marketing support. The SEO field is not an exact science, so we need external people to make an inventory of its strategy and readjust its action plan.

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Hamidou Diallo
SEO Manager
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