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HelloAsso partners with Semji to achieve high-performing content


of off-brand traffic 
for content optimized with Semji


 pieces of content produced with Semji

Launched in 2009, HelloAsso is a software solution that helps non-profit organizations manage, distribute and finance their activities. On a day-to-day basis, the platform helps more than 201,065 organizations to develop their projects and unite as many citizens as possible to support them (online ticket sales for events, donations, crowdfunding campaigns, etc.). With a team of over 90 employees, HelloAsso strives to be accessible to as many sports clubs and organizations as possible, while keeping a human approach online.




Claudia Fragomeni, Content & SEO Manager



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The challenge

With 8 years under its belt, HelloAsso has realized that its commitment to the non-profit community goes beyond simply providing “digital tools”. HelloAsso therefore launched its blog to provide advice on how to manage, finance and communicate with non-profit organizations.
Their in-depth, “expert” articles on these topics have a dual purpose: to strengthen the bond with non-profit organizations, and to increase the number of HelloAsso users.

The goal

  • Produce content that answers non-profit organizations’ search intentions
  • Get help in writing 100% optimized articles
  • Ensure content visibility for both organizations and Google
  • Speed up production rates

Our actions

Prioritize optimization of 55 existing contents


Creation of 241 new pieces of content


Identification of the right keywords to target and topics to cover

Monthly monitoring of content performance

SEO and editorial advice

CSM support

Want to expand your SEO strategy and outperform your competitors?


+260% off-brand traffic for content optimized with Semji

HelloAsso partners with Semji to keep in close touch with the challenges facing non-profit organizations and share their expertise with as many people as possible. With Semji’s help, HelloAsso’s teams were able to identify new content to be created to address every aspect of running an organization. In addition to creating new content, they also optimized existing content for SEO purposes, thereby enhancing the website’s visibility. Overall, 55 pieces of content were identified as priorities by the platform. By following all of Semji’s SEO recommendations, the editors have made excellent progress, achieving a +260% click-through rate over the last 12 months.

296 contents produced with Semji

With Semji, HelloAsso’s editorial teams can speed up their production rate and publish content that’s fully optimized for their audience. For each topic and keyword targeted, Semji delivers a comprehensive SEO brief in a matter of seconds: approach to be followed, outline to explore, related topics to address, questions to be answered, internal/external links to include, and so on. Writers have all the information they need to build more SEO traffic into their content. This can be seen in the article “Example of a letter applying for project funding“, a new piece of content written with Semji that now generates 7K monthly clicks.​

Semji’s added value is to help us efficiently meet all our editorial challenges! The platform helps us follow best practices to improve our content’s semantics. The quality of Romain’s support makes for smooth, constructive discussions.

Claudia Allo Asso

Claudia Fragomeni
Content & SEO Manager
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