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Bring the power of Semji to your favorite tools

Save up to 10 hours a month on SEO content production with Semji’s extension and cut out time-consuming content editing tasks!

Extension Chrome Semji

Check your content’s SEO quality right from your browser

Assess the SEO quality of your content and its Content Score in real time from your website’s back-office or front-office..

Write fully optimized content wherever you are

Access Semji’s SEO recommendations directly in your favorite tools. Open source CMS or custom solution, Semji’s extension will fit your habits!

Speed up your content production with AI Chat

Use our AI assistant specifically designed to meet your SEO and content marketing needs. Enter your query and get thousands of SEO ideas and recommendations instantly.

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Save time writing optimized content

  • Make SEO content fun to write with your favorite tools,
  • Optimize your content seamlessly and in line with your style,
  • Simplify your daily life by cutting out integration tasks.

Boost the performance of your copywriting teams

  • Provide easy access to SEO recommendations for your copywriters,
  • Produce better performing content 6x faster,
  • Instantly check the SEO quality of any content on your website.

They use Semji’s Extension everyday

guillemet  It's very useful to be able to quickly review existing content on Cambium Media websites, or to see how content is being optimized in real time. It saves us a lot of time in our daily production and performance analysis for content optimization improvements.

Amadine Carayon
Digital Content Manager

guillemet The Semji Chrome extension seamlessly fits into our workflow, Notion, Google Docs and gives copywriters greater autonomy. The time and performance savings are impressive.

Karim Elmlih
Global SEO Lead


Frequently asked questions

With which CMS and text editors are supported by the Semji's extension and AI Chat?

The Semji Chrome extension can be used with your internal back-office, the front-office of your website, and over 200 other tools on the market, such as: WordPress, Google Doc, Shopify, Drupal, Eidosmedia Swing, Hubspot, Magento, Notion, Prestashop, ArcXP, Verbolia, Webflow, and more

How can I access Semji's extension?

To use Semji’s Extension, please request a demo or contact CSM if you are already a Semji user.

Do I need help from my IT team to install the extension?

No, no need to ask IT to install it, simply download it and you’re ready to go.

Can I run an analysis on a website that is not linked to one of my workspaces?

The Chrome extension allows you to analyze the websites attached to your different workspaces. To analyze another website, you can create an additional workspace.

Do the analyses launched in the extension use credits on the platform?

Yes, the analyses launched with the extension are linked to your platform usage. You can find your analysis count in your workspace.

Improve your content’s performance with a single click