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Groupama Gan Vie ensures optimized content with Semji


SEO traffic in 12 months


Traffic value


More content written and published in one year

With so many questions from its customers about retirement, Groupama Gan Vie launched the Ma Nouvelle Vie website in October 2018.


Groupama Gan Vie


Murielle Coine, Responsable Marketing Digital


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Increase traffic
Increase productivity

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The challenge

With the Ma Nouvelle Vie website, Groupama Gan Vie faced a major challenge: to become a leading reference on the topic of retirement, while driving conversions. To meet this challenge, Groupama Gan Vie turned to Semji to streamline its content production, identify new traffic opportunities and step up the website’s SEO performance.

The goal

  • Leverage SEO
  • Convert website visitors into customers
  • Build team SEO skills
  • Monitor content performance

Our actions

Analyzing 250 pieces of existing content


Identifying content with high SEO potential

Prioritizing optimizations for 25% of pages

Analyzing 50,000 keywords


Creating 70 new pieces of content

CSM support

Want to expand your SEO strategy and outperform your competitors?


+ 300% SEO traffic in 12 months

Groupama Gan Vie has achieved a 300% increase in organic traffic on content developed with Semji. While the Ma Nouvelle Vie website started from scratch and had to find its place among government and competitor websites, it overtook its main competitor in just one year. Over the same time, the website managed to go from 324 keywords ranked in the top 10, to 1,359 keywords!

The equivalent of 160 000 € investment in paid traffic

With Semji, Groupama Gan Vie has seen an increase in the value of its traffic and conversions. The results generated by organic traffic are equivalent to €160k invested in paid traffic.

Productivity doubled

Between May 2020 and May 2021, Semji increased the productivity of its editorial team: twice as much content was written and published with the same number of writers. The team is also more empowered and develops its skills with a fun tool.

Semji has enabled us to empower our copywriters while improving quality and SEO relevance. With the same team size, we have doubled our content production and achieved +300% traffic growth in 12 months.

Murielle Coine
Head of Digital Marketing
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