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Become THE leading reference in your industry

With Semji, you can leverage your expertise and exceed your acquisition goals with fully optimized content.

Our users see the following increase on average for optimized content:


SEO traffic per month


conversions per month


revenue per month

Improve your website’s EAT for online users and Google

Provide all the answers your audience is looking for and enhance your expertise by following all the platform’s SEO recommendations.

Achieve sustainable SEO results quickly

Publish content that performs well over time, complying with the legal requirements and Google’s evolutions.

Semji, the only SEO platform that supports you from idea generation to results tracking

Quickly identify new sources of SEO acquisition

The Content Ideas feature boosts your website’s traffic by showing you what content your audience wants and needs.

Produce content 6X faster

The GPT-3 Brief enables you to write high-performance content faster, providing SEO recommendations on everything that’s important to capture and engage your audience.

Easily track the profitability of your content output

The dashboard makes it easy to track your KPIs and assess the ROI of created and optimized content.

“In just 3 months, the support and the platform allowed us to achieve clear results. Semji simplifies our content production processes and reinvents our collaboration processes without the need to take on new skills internally.”.

Antoine Chabassol
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