Why use Semji?

To make your brand THE industry standard..


91% of content does not generate traffic from Google

At Semji, we use artificial intelligence to improve traditional SEO and content marketing campaigns.

AI to improve your content’s performance

Since 2018, content creation is the number one Marketing budget. But 91% of online content does not drive any traffic from Google. Marketing teams were all too often unhappy with the results despite the investments made. There was no platform to guide marketing teams in creating content that was relevant to their audience, visible on Google, and easy-to-track performance.
Semji was born.

Focusing on what matters

We believe that today’s marketing teams are forced to use too many tools and analyze too much data to create powerful content. With Semji, we provide you with an all-in-one solution to make your life easier.

Providing unparalleled technology

Automation has always been a competitive advantage. With Semji, we want to provide you with the best technologies to ease decision-making and help you take the right actions to make your content campaigns grow.

Supporting you along the way

We believe that the best technology solutions must always be combined with human expertise. Our team of SEO, Content Marketing and Brand Content experts will support you with their unique skills and knowledge.

Our values

Team spirit

Multiple skills to better support you.


Always accountable for our work to never let you down.


Constantly innovating with our French leader R&D Lab.


ROI-driven techniques and methods.

Our Team

Meet who’s behind the success of our clients.

Bertrand Girin


Nicolas Nguyen


Laurence Houdeville


Olivier Rozenkranc


Martin Genot


Catherine Chouet

Administrative and Financial Officer

Ayyoub Oulidi

R&D Engineer

Julien Gensollen

Product Owner

Laura Guillaud

SEO Sales Strategist

Julie Rabeyrin

Customer Success Manager

Marina Pomi

SEO Project Manager

Morgane Godin

SEO Project Manager

Sébastien Lefoulon

Head of Sales France

Alexis Fevre

Account Executive

Olivier Balais

Head of R&D

Abdel Mecheri

R&D Engineer

Zineb Djardi

Art Director

Ildo Da Costa

Sales SEO Strategist

Lisa Foglino

Customer Success Manager Assistant

Charley Bouzerau

SEO Project Manager

Cyril Canizares

SEO Project Manager

Anthony Farah

Account Executive

Corentin Mirande

Head of International Development

Paco Garcia

DevOps Engineer

Mouhamed Diakhaté

R&D Engineer

Eric Pleyber

Directeur SEO Specialist 

Thomas Dominguez

Head of CSM

Michel Beck

Customer Success Manager

Mélanie Prevost

SEO Project Manager

Augustin Verdier

SEO Project Manager Assistant

Sarah Maachi

Account Executive

Hamza Kharchi

Alliance Manager North America

Emilien Muraton

R&D Engineer

Ahmed Abouelleil-Sayed

R&D Engineer

Nicolas Davy

Directeur SEO Specialist 

Romain Coudray

Customer Success Manager

Marc-Aurèle Rocher

Customer Success Manager

Marilou Prost

SEO Project Manager

Marie Loire

Editorial & Netlinking Manager

Maxime Jouchter

Account Executive

Nicolas Pasquet

Account Manager

Sébastien Rogier

R&D Engineer

David Fayard

R&D Engineer

Christophe Loisel

SEO Sales Strategist

Alessia Capuano

Customer Success Manager

Jérémie Conde

SEO Team leader

Marie Belmont

SEO Project Manager

Adélaïde Vo Thanh

Editorial Project Manager Assistant

Sana Litim

Account Executive

Benjamin Dupuy

Partner Development Manager

Baptiste Beck

Partner Development

Maeva Beugnies

Sales Development Representative

Camille Fournaud

Team Leader Sales Development Representative

Elise Alamy

Marketing Manager

Charlotte Cheret

Sales Development Representative

Valentine Aguilar

UI & Motion Designer

Kameel Panchameah

Sales Development Representative

Margaux Proffit

Marketing & Communication Manager

Ambre Alonso

Business Development Representative

Cédric Truong Cao

Content Marketing Assistant

Lenny Lesne

Traffic Manager Junior

Arnaud Marie

Growth Marketer

Michel Eid

Event Marketing Manager