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Adepem uses Semji to improve their content’s SEO performance!


Increase in SEO traffic
for optimized content


Increase in impressions
for optimized content


Of new content
drives SEO traffic

Adepem is a french family business running an e-commerce with over 200,000 spare part references from every major brands. At the same time, the company posts quality content to help reduce waste and encourage users to repair their household appliances.




Quentin Braquehaye, Digital Manager


E-commerce / spare parts for household appliances, heating, tools and gardening

Increasing traffic
Increasing productivity
Tracking performance

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The challenge

To leverage its content and raise awareness among consumers, Adepem decided to strengthen its SEO strategy. Given its limited production capacity, the company chose Semji to support its content’s SEO and build a sustainable performance strategy.

The objectives

  • Drive organic traffic
  • Increase exposure over competitors
  • Achieve “top of mind” awareness with the audience
  • Secure long-term growth
  • Provide useful content to help users repair their appliances themselves

The actions we led


Identifying high SEO potential content

Prioritizing optimizations for 149 pages

Strengthening internal links

Monthly content performance follow-up


SEO training

CSM support

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+230% increase in SEO traffic

Very quickly, Adepem’s team proved to be highly motivated to optimize their existing content. Efforts that quickly led to great performances, in the first few months, the company saw its curve soar with an 856% increase in SEO traffic in April 2020 and a 230% increase on optimized content.

8K in SEO traffic for just one post

For each topic and targeted query, the writer can see what competitors are posting on the same topic, better understand the expectations of online users and address the topics expected by the audience. By following Semji’s recommendations, Adepem has produced high-performing content, such as this post on Tassimo coffee machines that got 8K SEO traffic in 6 months.

97% of new content drives SEO traffic

Since optimizations began in January 2020, the Adepem team has maintained a fairly steady production rate and optimizes about ten pieces of content per month with an average Content Score of 92. Thanks to the expertise of our editors and their dedication to getting the best Content Score, the company continues to grow with impressive SEO results: 97% of new content produced with Semji drives SEO traffic.

I simply don’t have to do briefs anymore.
The platform provides great insights on SEO.
I save about 2 to 3 days of work each month!

Quentin Braquehaye Digital Manager

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