Semji supports MACIF in creating and implementing of a high-performance Content Factory

Pauline Amanda GIRARD,
SEO Project Manager

Digital Marketing Manager



  • 150 Semji product briefs
  • 70 optimized contents
  • 80 new contents
  • +89% off-brand SEO traffic


off-brand SEO traffic in 12 months


The digital revolution is a reality that is disrupting the insurance industry by introducing new consumer habits. One of the major challenges of the digital transition is the risk of losing contact and ties between the insurer and its customers. In a very competitive and rapidly changing industry, MACIF is taking action and working hard to “think and act customer”. The company wishes to implement this approach in its content marketing strategy in order to boost its online audience’s engagement. By supporting and guiding users in their decision-making process and strengthening its market-leader position. This is why the brand decided to rely on Semji‘s team (in collaboration with YouLoveWords‘ content editors) to create and deploy an ROI Content Factory.

Experts who helped us implement SEO techniques that we would never have thought of: MACIF ranks first among the top 20 French insurance companies in SEO.

Digital Marketing Manager

The Challenge

As a major player in the French insurance industry, MACIF is confronted with industry-wide online challenges:

  • New buying behaviors (omnichannel journey, searching for information on comparative websites, online application, customer service on social media, etc.) and new customer needs (increased information transparency, tailored experience, etc.),
  • Digitalization of relationships: the relation between policyholders and prospects is shifting online,
  • Increased competitive pressure, with the arrival of new players online (online bancassurance companies, comparative services, etc.),
  • Uberization of the insurance industry (online users have access to a vast amount of information to get the best subscription price, customers give great important to reviews and tailor-made experiences).

In SEO, you have to decide which battles to fight and accept that multiple tasks cannot be handled by a single person. AI brings precious help especially in the context of large-scale content strategies. It complements the work of your teams that provide in-depth analysis and relevant recommendations. By combining the two, we can deliver quality briefs while maintaining a high production rate.

Pauline Amanda GIRARD
SEO Project Manager

The Objectives


  • Optimize SEO and “user intent” oriented content, ranking on high volume traffic queries to reinforce the visibility of your website to become a reference for Google and your audience,
  • Generate engagement with your audience and new qualified leads, simplify access to your offers by adapting your content to online users’ expectations,
  • Industrialize your production process to increase the creation of quality content that drives traffic and conversion rates up.
  • Benefit from the expertise of Semji’s teams, the platform’s technology (AI/Machine learning), and an ROI solution to strengthen your inbound marketing strategy.

Content is key in 2021! This is why we decided to put it at the heart of our SEO strategy, in order to meet the needs of both search engines and users, whose expectations must now be at the very core of any editorial strategy.

Pauline Amanda GIRARD
SEO Project Manager

The support provided by Semji

In the context of the MACIF project, Semji’s team had to produce SEO-optimized briefs and deliver them to YouLoveWords’ editors. These briefs were developed according to the business objectives of the brand and the recommendations of the technical and semantic audit carried out beforehand.

  • Monthly editorial committee meetings between the MACIF SEO Manager, the YouLoveWords content strategist and the Semji team to review the identified topics and plan the production of new and existing content for the month.
  • Production scoping and creation of worksheets to pilot the production with YouLoveWords editors.
  • Creation of Semji Briefs to create and publish SEO-optimized content (new and existing), consistent with MACIF’s editorial strategy and the keywords to be prioritized around the major topics of its market (insurance + … / loan + … / purchase + … / quote + … ).
  • SEO recommendations for each brief (assisted by Semji’s AI/Machine Learning and manual processing by an expert): analysis of competing content, topic and keyword identification, mapping of user intent and questions, text structuring according to keyword prioritization, defining the number of topic sections, tagging level, content to mesh…
  • Monthly monitoring of the performance of published content through a customized dashboard on Data Studio.

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