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Amenitiz uses Semji to boost its SEO content strategy


MRR from SEO


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time saved on preparing SEO briefs

Amenitiz is hotel management software that simplifies the day-to-day operations of hoteliers at every stage of the customer journey. Its aim is to help independent hotel operators manage their vacation properties autonomously. Their all-in-one platform simplifies booking management, online marketing and delivering unique experiences.




Mélanie Calabrese, Senior Organic Acquisition Specialist


Hospitality management solution

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The challenge

Amenitiz needed a high-performance solution to meet its growth ambitions in its different markets (France, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany), by delivering quality content quickly and creating opportunities for traffic and SEO conversions. They needed a solution that could guarantee the SEO quality of content produced in different languages.

The goal

  • Improve efficiency and scale SEO and content strategy across all target markets.
  • Increase SEO traffic results and conversion rates.
  • Increase large-scale production of quality content.

Our actions


Prioritization of content optimizations with high SEO potential

Identification of new keywords


SEO optimization of content

Production of automated briefs

Improve internal linking

Content performance monitoring

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5% of MRR comes from SEO

For Amenitiz, SEO is a very important channel to promote. It now accounts for 5% of its MRR, proving the impact of SEO on their business. The Amenitiz teams use Semji’s Content Score to evaluate the SEO quality of their content. This score, based on applying the recommendations provided by the solution, gives a detailed assessment of the level of content optimization and relevance. By adopting an ROI approach, Amenitiz measures the performance of its content strategy and maximizes the results of its SEO strategy, generating significant additional revenue for the company.

5 target markets

Amenitiz’s SEO strategy covers 5 markets. Semji provides them with the means to implement this strategy. Amenitiz can optimize its content for each targeted country. With Semji, Amenitiz identifies international content opportunities, based on the trends and specific needs of each market. They can also organize their editorial planning by country. This approach ensures that every Google results page is tailored to the intentions of local users, increasing their SEO growth and international development.

50% time saved on writing briefs

By using Semji to prepare SEO briefs, Amenitiz has seen a 50% reduction in the time spent on writing these briefs. This improvement in productivity is made possible by the automation features of the platform. In just a few seconds, Amenitiz delivers detailed recommendations for creating high-performance SEO content, as well as detailed information on user needs. This automation saves copywriters time, enabling them to focus on creating compelling content that reflects the brand’s editorial line.

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