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The SEO data you need to outsmart your competitors

Leverage advanced AI to gain competitive SEO insights, strategize, and take immediate actions, easily. With Semji Search Intelligence, get the advantage necessary in today’s competitive SEO landscape.

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Finally bridge the gap between strategy and action

Simplify your analysis and turn insights into actions instantly with Semji Search Intelligence. Just provide your competitors, and we’ll deliver actionable insights in a snap.


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Stay ahead with enterprise-winning SEO strategies

Eliminate manual SERPs searches and complex audit analysis.
Gain competitive insights faster, enabling you to measure and prioritize your team’s efforts on the most strategic SEO actions.

Track and analyze your competitive SEO landscape

Navigating between SEO tools, raw data and sheets is slowing you down. With Semji’s AI, get insights instantly and optimize SEO efforts based on your competitors’ performance to craft a differentiating strategy.

  • Easily monitor top-performing content by type, pillars, and personas across all stages of the marketing funnel
  • Analyze organic traffic, content velocity, and keywords at a glance
  • Learn from your competitors’ SEO successes to maintain your edge


Build an SEO strategy aligned with your business challenges

You can’t dominate your market if your SEO strategy isn’t aligned with your business challenges and competitive market. Search Intelligence’s AI classification enables you to tailor analyses to your market challenges. Take advantage of it to ensure your top ranking in search engines.

  • Uncover gaps in your competitors’ SEO strategy to rapidly win market positions
  • Identify new growth levers and potential SEO gains based on a data-backed strategic analysis so you can act fast
  • Create content aligned with your strategic offers, your marketing tunnel and your personas.


Craft ROI-focused reports for better, accurate forecast

Demonstrating the ROI of SEO to your leadership can be challenging, but not anymore. With Semji Search Intelligence, prepare detailed and precise reports to showcase the impact of the SEO strategy on your enterprise’s performance.

  • Plan your expenses and investments to achieve top SEO performances
  • Elaborate a strategic roadmap with milestones in minutes
  • Measure the adoption of your SEO srategy and how it impacts revenue ro reassure leadership


Go from strategy to roadmap, easily

As a CMO, translating strategy into an actionable plan is essential. For your team, it’s about connecting actions to results. It’s time to give them the strategic information they need to set yourself apart from competitors.

  • Identify new ways to rank with actionable recommendations to become the SEO leader on your most strategic keywords
  • Know where to allocate team efforts, maximizing efficiency and impact
  • Easily find strategic topics and create a content roadmap for each of your persona, with pillars and types

The top leading companies are using Semji to dominate their market


Increase in SEO revenue


Increase in SEO revenue


See Semji Search Intelligence in action

Tailored to scale with enterprise-level data

Competitors' watch

Keep an eye on your competitors’ latest moves and review their SEO strategies at a glance. Drill down into page-level details to understand how you can outperform them.

Custom AI Classification

Leverage Semji Search Intelligence to personalize your entire set of competitive data. Discover untapped themes based on your personas, pillars, and content type. Rely on the most accurate and up-to-date competitor data to predict your potential gains and create strategic content.

Performance monitoring

Monitor how your strategy is performing based on real-time data and adjust your marketing tactics based on comprehensive competitor insights, enabling your content team to maximize every piece of SEO content.

Competitive Analysis

Evaluate the effectiveness of your SEO strategy with detailed analyses that highlight the impact and progression of your SEO efforts. Showcase how you plan to achieve your goals and what return on investment you can anticipate.

Antoine Sander

Manager at Deloitte Digital

With Search Intelligence, I’ve unlocked a game-changing tool that effortlessly translates analysis into impactful actions. This robust competitive dashboard distills complex data into a streamlined view that brilliantly bridges strategy with execution. Whether you’re a CMO, copywriter, or SEO manager, it propels your entire team from insight to implementation in no time. It’s the ultimate resource for dominating the market landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Semji Search Intelligence?

Semji Search Intelligence helps enterprises and C-levels get accurate, fresh SEO competitors’ data they can rely on to elaborate differentiating content strategies. With these insights, companies can identify overlooked opportunities and content gaps, measure their potential SEO gains, and demonstrate the ROI. It allows Head of Marketing and CMOs to create a strategic roadmap tailored to their persona, content type, and pillars, thereby generating significant results to stay ahead in their market.

How Semji Search Intelligence is different from other SEO competitive tools?

Semji Search Intelligence is designed to work with entreprise-level data, analyzing hundred of thousands of pages to deliver results that can make the difference.

Where do Semji get the data?

Semji use two different types of data. First, it will connect to your own Google analytics and Search console and then, cross those data with SEO providers such as Ahrefs and Semrush.

How do I get started with Semji Search Intelligence?

To get started with Semji Search Intelligence, you must already have a Semji subscription or you can contact us

Ditch manual competitor researches. Use Semji Search Intelligence today.