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SEO SQUARE 3rd edition – SEO & Content: Tactics to achieve a Higher ROI

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On October 5th and 6th 2021, SEO Square is back! The goal of this next edition is to provide you with the most efficient SEO and content techniques to ensure the highest possible ROI.

A few months after the success of the 2nd edition with over +4000 Search Marketing professionals, SEO Square is back! Semji, a SaaS SEO and Content platform, is partnering with other leading SEO players such as Oncrawl, SemRush and SE Ranking to help businesses get the best possible ROI (Return on Investment). As always, the event is 100% online and free, this time it will be 100% English-speaking!

🌟Overview: Over 2 days and 10 conferences, get the most efficient SEO and Content techniques to achieve the best possible ROI!

SEO Square: what’s in store for this next edition?

Why focus on SEO and Content?

Today, building a profitable and sustainable web strategy is no small feat! The current context requires to be:

  • More competitive (reaching the first position, to get more traffic…)
  • More proactive (anticipating Google updates, new players …)
  • And also to be more attentive to its audience (“better understanding of search intentions”, I bet it speaks to you?)

It’s not impossible to achieve! There are 2 very powerful and essential growth drivers for 2021 and the years to come… 

💥 SEO and Content 💥

The next edition therefore focuses on the powerful combination of these two drivers to create effective engagement with your audience and increase the performance of your acquisition and conversion strategy. Aimed at SEO and Content Marketers as well as Business Owners, you will see that with the right techniques it is possible to achieve great results and get the best ROI possible!

Why attend SEO Square?

Each edition is an opportunity to meet with the best search marketing experts online. As SEO is a global community, the next edition will be exclusively in English and will be hosted by renowned international professionals including Eli Schwartz, Aoife McIlraith et Jason Barnard.

The different sessions will give participants the opportunity to: 

👉Know what to focus on to reach their goals faster, smarter with better ROI

👉Get the most effective SEO & Content techniques

👉Boost their acquisition, conversion and growth strategy in a challenging economic environment

👉Share with international experts to learn about the latest SEO and Content trends


The program is still being fine-tuned and will soon be online! Sign up now to see what topics will be covered (I promise, you’ll be the first to know 😉 ).

If you’re wondering if your web marketing strategy is paying off or if you want to know everything about techniques and strategies from international experts, come to SEO SQUARE.

Our speakers

Eli Schwartz: SEO expert, Oncrawl ambassador and acquisition strategy consultant for over 10 years with B2B and B2C companies. He has worked for Shutterstock, WordPress, Gusto, BlueNile, Quora and Zendesk. He wrote Product-Led SEO.

Aoife McIlraith: Vice President of Marketing at SEMrush, named one of 2019’s Top 20 “Women making the biggest impact in Tech” by Marketing Magazine, Aoife Mcllraith is an international SEO specialist. She is a regular speaker at conferences on the subject.

Jason Barnard: SEO and web strategy consultant, Jason Barnard advises companies on their web, SEM and SEO strategy. He works in partnership with the SEM platform Kalicube and regularly produces podcasts and webinars on the concept of branded SERPs. In parallel, Jason Barnard is a bass player in the Barcoustic band.

Lily Ray: is a leading SEO (search engine optimization) professional based in New York. But SEO is more than just a job to her; it’s her passion. With over 10 years of full-time experience in the SEO field, Lily Ray has run SEO campaigns for dozens of major retailers and brands in a variety of industries.

Corentin Mirande: Country Manager Canada at Semji. For the past 5 years, he has been specialising in the e-commerce sector and helps his clients define the most effective solutions for the performance of their SEO strategies.

Tarek Reslan : Tarek is a computer science graduate that hates coding (weird right?). He decided to pursue something he’s more passionate about Marketing. Thanks to his technical background, he was able to become a T-shaped individual. His areas of expertise include landing page creation and optimisation, conversion rate optimisation, paid acquisition, e commerce, and video editing. He loves sharing his knowledge, hence he created multiple online courses to help others become better. As a trainer at Growth Tribe, he helps implement growth marketing mindset and process in startups, big corporates and everything in between.

Gerry White : Gerry White has been in the industry for 20 years, with a background in development he transitioned to technical marketing leading on SEO, analytics and other digital growth strategies in companies, agencies, the government and corporations such as the BBC. In the past few years Gerry has spoken at conferences around the globe including Paris, Germany, USA and of course the UK. A regular judge for awards such as the UK Search Awards, Growth Awards and E-Commerce Awards and was the Technical SEO Lead for Just Eat a FTSE 100 company in 12 markets as well as consulting for other e-commerce brands. Currently working at the SEO Director for Rise at Seven.

Chris Raulf : Chris is the founder of Boulder SEO Marketing, a boutique SEO agency that works with local, national, and international customers. He’s an international keynote speaker and lecturer in online marketing for the University of Strasbourg, France

About SEO SQUARE: the ultimate SEO event, 100% online and 100% free

Organized by Semji, SEO Square is the biggest free online SEO event in France. It has become a major event for over 4,000 search marketing professionals. This success comes from the quality of a unique program. Each edition features renowned experts (Lydia Arzour, Olivier Andrieu, Jason Barnard, Julien Jimenez…), testimonies from professionals working for major brands (MACIF, Decathlon, Cambium Media, Qonto…), and insights from reference solutions in SEO (Oncrawl, Semrush, SE Ranking, Myposeo…). Its primary objective is to identify growth drivers in combination with SEO to help businesses boost their growth.