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November 2023 – Semji news : AI, clustering, new markets and user experience !

Semji > Product > November 2023 – Semji news : AI, clustering, new markets and user experience !

This fall marks an important milestone for Semji, with the arrival of revolutionary new features. Each of these updates is specially designed to help you produce better performing content in less time.

Discover in this article how Semji’s new features help you transform your SEO approach.

Content Ideas – New Version

1. Content Ideas : Become the SEO leader in your market

Explore wider horizons with the new version of Semji’s Content Ideas. Our solution stimulates your inspiration by suggesting a multitude of relevant topics to refine your editorial and SEO strategy.

Thanks to an exhaustive list of topic clusters specific to your sector, with deduplicated topics automatically classified by type of content, you can easily produce targeted articles and materials.

Benefits :
  • Semji provides you with full coverage of profitable topics and topic clusters to address ;
  • Benefit from a hundred keywords per theme to create targeted content that will attract more qualified visitors to your site ;
  • Visualize at a glance the structure of your content in a Mind Map, and easily fuel your editorial planning.

2. Mind map : Make your SEO decisions easier

Instantly structure your topic clusters with our Mind map. Visualize at a glance all the topics and keywords to develop on your site to optimize your content strategy.

Benefits :
  • Identify right away the topics to be treated as a priority and the missing content to be developed ;
  • Semji structures your topic clusters clearly so you can easily plan your next content ;
  • Get all the content ideas to develop in your topic clusters at once.

AI+ Suite – New Features

1. AI+ Content : Switch to Hybrid SEO copywriting

Discover AI+ Content, our hybrid solution for a more intuitive and high-performing SEO writing. Integrate our IA into your writing workflow with one click (“/”) from the editor. There’s more : Ensure perfect optimization thanks to the Content Score that validates each content.

As a reminder, the Content Score is a benchmark from 0 to 100, developed by Semji, to know if the level of content optimization is satisfactory for Google and the audience. An article with a Content Score below 60 captures 2 times less traffic than content with a Content Score between 90 and 100.

Benefits :
  • Combine AI and human expertise to meet SEO challenges ;
  • Save valuable time in your writing of unique content ;
  • Generate customized content for your target audience.

2. Atomic Content : The AI ​​that optimizes your time and resources

With Atomic Content, our innovative AI solution, produce complete and automated SEO content. With one click, create high-performing texts, optimized by our advanced AI technology, and focus your teams’ efforts on core expertise.

Benefits :
  • Ally advanced SEO techniques with AI to maximize the visibility of your content ;
  • Quickly and efficiently improve the quality of your content ;
  • Gain productivity and focus on your core business.

Accessibility and Collaboration

1. Track your statistics from Adobe Analytics

Connect your Adobe Analytics data to Semji right now to analyze in real time the traffic and conversion metrics of your content, and precisely understand your visitors’ behavior.

By centralizing your Analytics data, you will obtain tailored recommendations to boost your content. You will easily identify opportunities to optimize your website by detecting priority areas for improvement.

Semji also allows you to define custom goals visible in the Pages and Reports tabs.

Benefits :

  • In-depth analysis of traffic and conversion metrics to precisely understand your visitors’ behavior ;
  • Easily identify SEO and editorial optimization opportunities ;
  • Save time thanks to a consolidated view of analytics in Semji.

2. International Expansion : 2 new countries

Semji opens new horizons with its expansion into Hungary and Malaysia, strengthening its international presence.

Benefits :
  • Quickly widen your global reach thanks to new opportunities ;
  • Easily adapt to these new geographical markets ;
  • Multiply your growth potential.

3. Discover the new menu in the Semji editor

Semji has redesigned its menu to offer you a more fluid and intuitive experience. With our new menu, navigate the platform more easily and access the AI ​​Suite, comments, plan and recommendations

Benefits :
  • Your user experience is optimized ;
  • Navigate a simple and intuitive tool ;
  • Improve your productivity thanks to a smooth and fast workflow.

4. Find the history of your comments

Our commenting system is evolving ! From now on, even if you delete or replace content, the associated comments will be preserved and remain visible. You will then be able to easily follow the evolution of content over time, without losing past exchanges.

Benefits :
  • Collaborate with your colleagues in a transparent and effective way ;
  • Consult the history of changes ;
  • Ensure consistent monitoring of your content for optimal quality.


Semji’s November innovations are a real game-changer for SEO and Content Marketing professionals. By adopting these new features, you open yourself to a world of possibilities, efficiency and creativity. Don’t wait any longer : try Semji now and discover the future of SEO content.

Discover these features now for a better user experience !