Our General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS) as well as the various legal elements (SaaS Service Booklet, Acceptable Use Policy, Technical Prerequisites, Personal Data Protection Policy) have not evolved since the creation of the Semji platform. In order to take into account the many functional evolutions of Semji, we have updated these documents on June 6, 2023. Here is a summary of the main updates:

  • Framing of features in Beta status
    In addition of article 6.7 to the General Terms and Conditions.

By 2023, Semji will have released around twenty new features and updates to its platform. In order to support innovation and enable you to benefit from new features ever faster, we have decided to regulate the use of Beta features.

  • Modification of our Price Update Policy
    Changes to article 10.3 of the General Terms and Conditions.

In this article, the annual price revision based on the Syntec index remains unchanged. We have added a clause to take account of the disappearance of this index. In addition, article 10.3 now includes a clause allowing us to propose an annual price increase to take into account functional evolutions of the platform. These last points are essential if we are to continue to invest in research and development to enable you to be ever more efficient.

  • Addition of information on AI Writing and Content Idea request
    Change to article 2 et article 3 of SaaS Services

The AI Writing and Content Ideas functionalities are based on user-initiated request. These functions are now defined in article 2, and their use is governed by article 3.

  • Creation of new offers and upgrading of existing offers to Legacy status
    Change to article 3 of SaaS Services

We are pleased to announce the creation of new offers:

  • BASIC, for SEO and marketing teams wishing to reach a growth milestone
  • BUSINESS, for companies wishing to become the SEO leader in their market
  • UNLIMITED ONE COUNTRY, for key accounts whose business is focused on a single country.
  • UNLIMITED WORLDWIDE, for multinationals with teams in several countries.

And 2 offers reserved for agencies: BASIC AGENCY & BUSINESS AGENCY.

These new offers include some or all of the platform’s latest features:

  • Comments in the editor
  • New interface languages (currently 2: Spanish and Italian)
  • New semantic engine languages (5 new languages: Turkish, Finnish, Lithuanian, Norwegian and Swedish)

Are you a Semji customer before June 6, 2023?

You have committed to an offer and benefit from it in the form of a Legacy subscription. Our teams will contact you shortly to present the new offers and discuss with you which one best suits your needs.

Do you have any questions?

Get in touch with your customer team.

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