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Manage all your pages’ SEO.
Get more revenue from them.

Yes, doing content SEO to attract customers can be easy.

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They increased their traffic and revenue

+167% of revenue generated

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+140% SEO traffic for optimized content

+3400% of SEO traffic in 3 months

Around 91% of your pages don’t get traffic.
What are you doing about it?


9%* – That’s the average number of pages that get traffic on Google. How much is that costing you every month?
* source Ahref

    With Semji it’s 80%.

    Stop doing things manually.
    Or not at all.


    ❌ Effective SEO briefs that take ~4 hours/article

    ❌ Creating content instead of leveraging your best opportunities

    ❌ Guessing where your acquisition potential stands.

    Semji does the hard things for you…

    Import your pages

    Prioritize them for their potential

    List each SEO improvements

    Generate briefs & paragraphs with A.I. 

    Combine your data sources

    And leave you the easy ones.

    Choose your best opportunities

    Assign & plan them

    Write based on the recommendations or A.I.

    Monitor your improvements

    Be efficient and optimize your content.

    Save time. Don’t compromise.

    How to?

    Step 1

    Select your untapped potential

    Semji prioritizes your pages for traffic, conversion, transaction or revenues.

      Step 2

      Get high-ranking content with top-notch SEO

      Tackle your visitors’ intents and be optimized for search engines with Semji recommendations.

        Step 3

        Write faster than grease lightning with A.I.

        We combine SEO recommendations, SERP knowledge, user intent and A.I. (GPT-3) to write the best content in no time.

          STEP 4

          Watch your curves go up, inform your strategy

          We aggregate your Google Analytics, Search Console and the SERP data.

          And much more…

          Editorial planning and production monitoring

          Automatic Brief with GPT-3
          (Artificial Intelligence)

          Multilingual content management

          ✔ 14 days free trial

          ✔ No credit card required

          ✔ Cancel anytime

          What people are saying?

          Semji Platform saves us a lot of time in organizing our editorial calendar and in producing content. Very quickly, our writers wrote effective web content!

          +140% organic traffic per content

          Mathilde Briffa, Decathlon

          In just 3 months, the support and platform have allowed us to set an SEO powerhouse, with results that are already visible!

          + 3 400% of SEO traffic

          Antoine Chabassol, Qilibri

          It’s a no-brainer, I don’t have to create a brief anymore. The platform is so robust, that it brings real SEO relevance. I save a considerable amount of time about 2-3 days per month!

          +230% SEO traffic per content

          Quentin Braquehaye, Adepem

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