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Generate high-performance SEO content with one click, powered by AI

Don’t choose between SEO content quality and speed. Discover Atomic Content, premium editorial AI for high-performance SEO and content marketing teams.

Ensure 100% SEO-optimized content with AI

Rely on AI specially trained to meet your SEO challenges. Atomic Content feeds on SEO data and recommendations to produce content that performs well in search engines. All content is validated by Content Score, guaranteeing its high SEO quality.

Enjoy the most reliable SEO AI on the market

Guarantee the authenticity of your content. Atomic Content generates content meshing hundreds of SERP data points with the power of Semji’s AI and machine learning. Unlike other generative AIs, content is fresh, unique, and devoid of hallucinations.

Produce more and better with the power of AI

Save significant time: Atomic Content enables you to produce optimized, complete content (including Hn titles and paragraphs) in a few seconds. Focus your time and effort on your expertise and editorial style!


Experience the perfect synergy between AI and expert writers

Make AI an integral part of your work routine by relying on the only technology specially enriched to meet your SEO challenges.




Content Score

80 average

35 average

Information accuracy

In real time


Hallucination Risk

Very low


Duplicate Content Risk

Very low


Prompt Engineering skills

Not required


Just one click away from accelerating the performance of your content