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Winter 2024 – What’s new at Semji: AI Fact Checking, Piwik PRO, new comment system and new markets

Semji > Product > Winter 2024 – What’s new at Semji: AI Fact Checking, Piwik PRO, new comment system and new markets

Winter 2024 has brought a host of new features to Semji, all aimed at helping you create high-performing, optimized content in less time.

In this article, discover how to make the most of these new features to boost your SEO and Content Marketing strategy.

AI Fact Checking – New feature

1. Make your AI-generated content reliable in seconds with AI Fact Checking

The development of artificial intelligence has significantly boosted the content creation process for SEO and content marketing teams. However, this productivity advantage has come with an increased risk of hallucinations in AI-generated content.

In a context where it’s increasingly difficult to tell the difference between what’s true and what’s false, Semji makes verification easier with AI Fact Checking. Our solution checks for you the truthfulness and reliability of the facts quoted in your AI-generated content.

In just a few seconds, AI Fact Checking detects inaccuracies and corrects facts to provide your readers with flawless content. Moreover, thanks to our intuitive color system, you save time by quickly identifying which AI content to check.

Your teams can now rely on AI-generated, productive and perfectly reliable articles!

Fast checking
Benefits :
  • Eliminate AI-generated hallucinations in one click ;
  • Provide your audience with fully reliable AI-generated content and strengthen your credibility ;
  • Save time by automating content verification and focus on your core activities.

Accessibility and collaboration

1. Track your statistics with Piwik Pro

Measuring your content’s performance is essential to creating an optimized content strategy. At Semji, we know that tracking your metrics is the best way to identify the right topics to engage your audience.

That’s why you can now connect your Piwik Pro data to our editor to track the performance of each piece of content in real time: traffic, page views, engagement rates and more.

No need to go back and forth between our editor and your analytics dashboard: you can now pinpoint optimization opportunities in one single tool !

Semji et piwik pro
Benefits :
  • Track your content performance in real time directly in Semji ;
  • Accurately measure the impact of your SEO optimization efforts;
  • Easily identify your conversion triggers to maximize campaign ROI.

2. Nest multiple comments in Semji

At Semji, we’re committed to optimizing your user experience.

Today, thanks to our teams, you can now add as many comments as you like to comments you’ve already created. You don’t have to open new threads or tweak your comments.

Don’t miss a single reply from your colleagues, Semji makes your team discussions more efficient !

Imbrication de commentaires outil Semji
Benefits :
  • Target an already commented paragraph more precisely ;
  • Add a sub-comment without reopening the original thread;
  • Comment again on content that has already been commented on.

3. Expand into 2 new markets

Semji pursues its expansion in Eastern Europe, integrating two new strategic markets: Romania and Moldavia.

From now on, you can address Romanian and Moldavian SERPs directly from your editor.

Moreover, Semji helps you conquer these new markets locally by adding the Romanian language to your editor.

With Semji, get results fast and stay one step ahead of your competitors !

drapeau langues roumaines et moldaves
Benefits :
  • Speed up your international expansion by rapidly entering exciting new markets ;
  • Adapt your offer easily to the specific characteristics of your target markets;
  • Boost your growth potential.


With Semji’s new features for the start of the year, you’ll get the best possible results to boost your visibility! Our premium solution revolutionizes SEO and Content Marketing by optimizing your AI-generated content. Join Semji and discover the future of SEO content today !

Discover these features for a better user experience !