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Spring 2024 – What’s new at Semji: New performance dashboard, Semji extension update, add in bulk and new language

Semji > All > Spring 2024 – What’s new at Semji: New performance dashboard, Semji extension update, add in bulk and new language

Features have blossomed at Semji this Spring!

On the agenda: save more time planning your content, use a new language, and a brand new performance dashboard to optimize your strategy at a glance.

Keep an eye on the global performance of your content strategy

Outdated data, scattered information across multiple tools, non-customized views… Reporting can be a real headache, although a crucial issue when it comes to measuring your performance. With Semji, stay in control of your content production and identify at a glance how to optimize your strategy to reach your objectives, thanks to our latest update!

Discover Report 1.5, your new performance dashboard 🏆

No more juggling between “Existing Content” and “New Content” views: the new Reports tab consolidates all your data in one place with the Overview! As before, continue to track the velocity of your content production, monitor your SERPs positions and measure your SEO acquisition gains, while being sure to produce better.

To offer you a global view of your content performance, we’ve added new data:

  • Average content score: keep an eye on the quality of all your content with an overall score that will help you achieve an optimization score close to perfection;
  • E-commerce and conversions: detect the revenues, transactions and transaction rates generated by all your content;
  • User behavior: identify the average session length, bounce rate and pages per session of your content generated with Semji


The cherry on top? Customize your Reports to fit your needs!

Thanks to the filter system, cross-reference your data, compare your results from one year to the next, and fine-tune your strategic performance indicators to improve your ROI.


For details about filters and reports personnalization, click here.


Fast checking


  • Save time by accessing all your data in one place, in real-time;
  • Get a complete and personalized reporting on all your content, tailored to your goals and preferences, for a more precise strategy;
  • Increase your traffic potential by continuously adjusting and updating your content to aim for the top position.

Save time on your content creation process

1. “Mark as published” directly inside Semji’s extension

Google Doc, Notion, Word… Writing tools are different for each company. With this in mind, Semji has adapted to the needs of copywriters and content managers, providing them with a fast SEO tool that connects to all in-house software, without the need to open yet another tab: the Semji extension.

Until now, the extension has enabled you to optimize your content in real time from within your working tools and directly transfer your work within the app.

Today, it goes even further: eliminate the back and forth between the extension and the app, and allow your content to be monitored by Semji directly by clicking on “Mark as publish” on the extension. No need to go within the app!

How it works:

  • If no content is found in the app, when you click on “Mark as published”, your content is automatically transferred to Semji and performance tracking starts
  • If the content already exists, you can either transfer your content to replace the app version, or not transfer it and keep the version within Semji

Semji et piwik pro


  • Eliminate tedious back-and-forth between Semji and your editing tools;
  • Access a fluid workflow optimized for your productivity;
  • Enable your external copywriters, who only have access to the Chrome extension, to take full advantage of the app’s features.

2. Add content in bulk

Planning is a key step in your content strategy. What topics should I address? Which keywords should I position myself on? Where should I centralize everything? This tedious task becomes now easy, thanks to the ability to add multiple pieces of content at once to your Planning!

This new update lets you add content in bulk, by folder and by user, for smoother organization.

Imbrication de commentaires outil Semji


  • Quickly plan your semantic clusters
  • Speed up the planification of your content calendar
  • Generate organized projects at scale with your team

Internationalize your offer

New localization: Quebec, Canada

It’s finally possible to address the SERPs for the province of Quebec in both French and English, depending on your market. Here’s the full list of what Semji offers:

Canada | English

Canada | French

Canada – Quebec | English

Canada – Quebec | French

drapeau langues roumaines et moldaves
Benefits :
  • Speed up your international expansion by rapidly entering exciting new markets ;
  • Adapt your offer easily to the specific characteristics of your target markets;
  • Boost your growth potential.

Want to know how Semji can help?

Our team is available to talk about your business goals, offer a personalized demo of our app and show you what ROI you can get from a well-rounded SEO content strategy.