From Google to TikTok: Developing Integrated SEO and Content Strategies

In today’s digital landscape, mastering SEO means going beyond just Google. Today’s successful SEO strategies require a multi-channel approach that integrates data and tactics across various platforms, including the rapidly growing TikTok.

How can you leverage integrated strategies to dominate across all platforms, from Google to TikTok?

Join our experts in this webinar where we’ll dive into the essentials of developing integrated SEO and content strategies. Learn how to use Google search data to boost your presence on other channels and ensure your content is always ahead of the curve.

Webinar Brightspot & Semji

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Miles De Feyter - Brightspot

Emily Wassell
Head of SEO


Gerald Murphy
Senior Solution Business Manager


Corentin Mirande
Head of International Development


In 45 minutes, Emily Wassell (Head of SEO at tmwi), Gerald Murphy (Senior Solution Business Manager at SimilarWeb), and Corentin Mirande (Head of International Development at Semji) will guide you to leverage integrated strategies to dominate across all platforms.

See you on June 25th at 11 AM (EDT) 🔥

What you’ll learn:

  • Why SEOs need to be Google-first, not Google-only
  • How to leverage useful Google data for optimizing your other channels (and vice versa!)
  • Practical use cases
  • Moving from strategy to production with actionable steps.